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Checklist of the Collembola: History - 1995


This checklist has been prepared by Frans Janssens, member of the Entomological Society of Antwerp, Belgium. The purpose of this check list is to resolve synonomy related problems. Typical example : given a taxon name, verify whether or not it is currently valid and if not what is then its currently valid name.

This list is updated regularly. Unfortunately, it still contains a lot of mistakes. :-(
Typical errors are a) duplication of the same species name in several genera, b) duplication of taxa at different rank (e.g., once listed at species rank and once more at subspecies rank), c) synonyms listed as valid taxa, c) incorrect spelling of the name of a taxon or author, d) incorrect publication date, e) incorrect revision authority.
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Frans Janssens


The very first public release of the Collembola checklist. Dr Gordon J.L. Ramel of the University of Exeter, UK is so kind to integrate this checklist into his Entomological Home Page. He also provides the required disk space to store the list, and spends the effort to install the list and its upgrades.
1371 species listed (mostly European, based on Gisin, 1960).
Major clean-up of the list of synonyms.
1418 species listed.
1995.10.16 (was not released)
Checklist of Indonesia by Yayuk, 1989 added.
1865 species listed.
Are added : all Neotropical records according to Mari Mutt & Bellinger, 1990, the checklist by Rusek, 1977 of Poland, and the list of Tsechia/Slovakia by Szeptycki & Weiner, 1990.
The checklist itself is split into several lists, one per family (the combined list reaches 1Mb... and is as such not manageable anymore...). All lists are interhyperlinked. Hyperlinks are also provided to web-available images of Collembola whenever possible, and are indicated by small in-text icons. Infrasubspecific taxa are emphasised using italic fonts. Belgian records are emphasised using bold characters.
2391 species listed.