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Checklist of the Collembola: History - 1996


This checklist has been prepared by Frans Janssens, member of the Entomological Society of Antwerp, Belgium. The purpose of this check list is to resolve synonomy related problems. Typical example : given a taxon name, verify whether or not it is currently valid and if not what is then its currently valid name.

This list is updated regularly. Unfortunately, it still contains a lot of mistakes. :-(
Typical errors are a) duplication of the same species name in several genera, b) duplication of taxa at different rank (e.g., once listed at species rank and once more at subspecies rank), c) synonyms listed as valid taxa, c) incorrect spelling of the name of a taxon or author, d) incorrect publication date, e) incorrect revision authority.
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Frans Janssens


A reclassification of family rank taxa (and higher) takes into account the work of Moen & Ellis, 1984 about the taxonomic position of Podura aquatica Linnaeus, 1758. The family Mackenziellidae is added. The family Sminthuridae is upgraded.
All British records, mentioned by Lubbock, 1873 and Goto & Lawrence in Kloet & Hincks, 1964 are added.
2452 species listed.
Thanks to a tip of Dr Gordon Ramel about the 'Collembola network' of Dr Kenneth A. Christiansen, I've received in March 1996 a list of more then 6000 Collembola species names. Dr Peter F. Bellinger helps me to clear any taxonomical or nomenclatural problem with the taxa of the list. The Hypogastruridae and Odontellidae are actualised in compliance with Drs Bellinger & Christiansen's list of species.
2846 species listed.