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Checklist of the Collembola: History - 1997


This checklist has been prepared by Frans Janssens, member of the Entomological Society of Antwerp, Belgium. The purpose of this check list is to resolve synonomy related problems. Typical example : given a taxon name, verify whether or not it is currently valid and if not what is then its currently valid name.

This list is updated regularly. Unfortunately, it still contains a lot of mistakes. :-(
Typical errors are a) duplication of the same species name in several genera, b) duplication of taxa at different rank (e.g., once listed at species rank and once more at subspecies rank), c) synonyms listed as valid taxa, c) incorrect spelling of the name of a taxon or author, d) incorrect publication date, e) incorrect revision authority.
Your comments, flames, remarks, suggestions, etc are welcome at Frans Janssens

Frans Janssens


The current status of the list :


Note that the species count is optimistic and includes problematic taxa such as unresolved homonyms, unresolved nomina nuda and undescribed species (e.g., 'sp.').


Due to suggestions of Dr José A. Mari Mutt, arrangements are made to update the list more frequently. Therefore it is required to find a new host that supports direct access to be able to upgrade the list continuously. The solution is found at GeoCities. GeoCities offers, for free, 2Mb of FTP accessible disk space.
The Collembola (overview of families) and associated bibliography are installed. And with the help of Dr Felipe N. Soto-Adames a corrected family Actaletidae is installed.
The families Hypogastruridae and Odontellidae are copied from Dr Gordon Ramel's web site. The actualised families Neanuridae and Isotogastruridae are installed.
The actualised families Arrhopalitidae, Sturmiidae, Neelidae and Mackenziellidae are installed. A history of the checklist is installed.
Everything is lost at GeoCities :-( I have reinstalled all pages.
The Catalog of the Neotropical Collembola - Update Page of Dr José Mari Mutt has been taken into account and the family Hypogastruridae is updated correspondingly. The actualised families Dicyrtomidae and Spinothecidae are installed.
The actualised families Coenaletidae, Poduridae and Sminthurididae are installed.
The status of the checklist is added to this history (suggestion of Dr José Mari Mutt).
The actualised families Onychiuridae, Oncopoduridae, Tomoceridae and Katiannidae are installed.
The actualised family Cyphoderidae is installed. The status report is extended with statistics on the number of genera. A new format of the list saves about 10-15% web space. A short-cut index of genera is added.
The actualised families Bourletiellidae and Sminthuridae are installed. An authority reference list is added.
A reclassification of family rank taxa of the Entomobryomorpha takes into account the systematic position of the Entomobryidae according to Szeptycki, 1979. Accordingly, I have reintroduced the Actaletoidea to fit the Actaletidae and Coenaletidae. In the families Hypogastruridae, Neanuridae, Onychiuridae, Cyphoderidae and Katiannidae, inconsistent authority references are corrected. The monogenic family Microfalculidae is installed. Temporary 'placeholders' have been installed for the missing families.
The actualised family Paronellidae is installed.
With the help of Dr Peter F. Bellinger some nomenclatural mistakes in the families Onychiuridae, Arrhopalitidae and Sminthuridae are cleared. A taxonomical speciation rate page has been added.
Thanks to Dr Peter F. Bellinger some nomenclatural errors in the family Neanuridae are cleared. The families Hypogastruridae and Sminthurididae are lined-up with the new version of Dr Mari Mutt's Catalog of the Neotropical Collembola - Update Page of 1997.01.22.
The family Isotomidae is installed. I have almost consumed the 2Mb web space... I have to find a solution to install the large family Entomobryidae... To start with, I have acquired another 200kb free web space. Thanks to Tripod. The history, the authority reference overview, the taxonomical speciation rate overview and the bibliography are moved to make space for the family Entomobryidae.
Inconsistent orthography of authorities are corrected in the families Cyphoderidae, Isotomidae, Neanuridae, Onychiuridae and Poduridae.
To make space available for the Entomobryidae, the partial synonomy references in the indices are removed for the families Bourletiellidae, Hypogastruridae, Neanuridae and Onychiuridae. With future upgrades of the other families all partial synonomy references will be removed. The family Entomobryidae is installed. Some missing taxa are added to the families Isotomidae and Sminthuridae. The list should now contain all valid taxa published up to March 1996 (about 7000 species).
The systematic position of the families has been modified to take into account the phylogeny of the Collembola of Dr Felipe N. Soto-Adames (1996). Dr Peter F. Bellinger suggested the tentative position of the Actaletidae and Coenaletidae, considering they are highly modified isotomids, within the Isotomoidea, until Dr Soto's molecular studies will clarify the phylogeny in this group eventually.
1997.02.11 - 1997.02.19
Added the taxa of publications : Check the bibliography for more details about the publications.
A standard for the transliteration of names of Russian authors is applied in case of inconsistent spelling of authority references. Corrections with respect to authorities have been made up to the rank of genus.
1997.02.20 - 1997.03.02
The bad news : the 2 Mb free disk space has been consumed... The good news : to allow for the expansion of the list in the future, I have rented up to 10 Mb disk space at GeoCities. I also started with a new user interface based on the capabilities of todays leading browsers.
Dr Gordon Ramel kindly installed a reloader page at the checklist's original URL. Whenever somebody tries to access that out of date list, the new list is automagically loaded after 10 seconds.
More or less by accident, I have found Dr Traser's home page on the web. This gave me the idea to add a home page hyperlink in the authority references list, where appropriate.
Added the taxa of publications :
Added the taxa of publications : Dr Ramel has installed reloader pages for all families. All hyperlinks to the original checklists are now redirected to the up to date versions.
Added the taxa of the publications : The framed user interface is installed. The frames can be resized by the user at his/her convenience. Pop-up windows with legend, glossary and ICZN draft are provided.
Added the taxa of the publications : + In line with the phylogeny of the Arthropoda in Hopkin (1997), the higher ranks of the systematic list have been updated. I have introduced a 'new' subrank, provisionally called 'conclassis', to be able to fit the Parainsecta into the currently used Linnæan classification. Also, to take into account the classification of Hopkin (1997), the family Mackenziellidae has been placed in the suborder Symphypleona.
+ Following a suggestion of Dr Stephen P. Hopkin, I started with the translation of my own publications in Dutch to English; accordingly the menu is expanded with a link to my articles on Collembola. At the same time I have taken the opportunity to revise the original articles.
Added the taxa of the publications :
Added the taxa of the publications : + A customized search facility has been added to the menu. After a first (and failed) attempt to use the AltaVista search engine (AltaVista refused to index all my pages subsequentially and its robot that is supposed to scan the web site automatically seems inactive or very slow...). So, I decided to offer my pages to the Infoseek search engine, that processed them at once. With this search facility you can search the complete checklist and only the checklist to find the family to which a particular taxon within the Collembola classification system belongs.
+ To get an idea of the browser type used by visitors, an email with a timestamped browser signature is sent to me whenever someone enters the checklist. I hope this will not be seen as intruding the privacy of users... Due to the differences and incompatibilities among the browsers, I want to figure out how to modify my pages to accomodate the browsers that are most commonly used.
+ Some of the families are quite large and the corresponding files become difficult to manage (and take long to download...). Therefore, starting with the Neanuridae, these families are split into its subfamilies.
Added the taxa of the publications : + Taking into account the comments of Dr Bellinger and Dr Hopkin on the incompatible reclassifications of the Onychiurinae by Dr Pomorski (1996) and Dr Weiner (1996), I have restored the original arrangement of the species of the Onychiurinae in accordance with the list of Drs Christiansen & Bellinger (1996).
+ Warning. Due to a flaw of the 'Add URL' feature of the Infoseek Search Engine, that I have used to make a customized search facility for the checklist, HTML pages larger then 64kb are truncated to about 16kb and therefore not properly indexed. The following lists are partly indexed : Families, Anurophorinae, Bourletiellidae, Entomobryinae, Hypogastruridae, Isotominae, Lepidocyrtinae, Neanurinae, Onychiuridae, Orchesellinae, Paronellidae, Pseudachorutinae, and Sminthuridae.
The Infoseek support team has confirmed the problem and they are looking into ways to improve their search engine.
Added the taxa of the publications : + Dr Dan L. Johnson gave me the idea to add a page that gives an overview of ongoing projects that I am involved in. Results of two recently closed projects are provided : a key of the species of Pseudosinella, and a checklist of Collembola from the (pre-)Alps in Italy.
Added the taxa of the publications :
Added the taxa of the publications : + The DELTA files used to make the key of Pseudosinella can now be downloaded by kind permission of Dr. Christiansen.
Added the taxa of the publications :
Added the taxa of the publications : + Cyrillic font: During my vacation, as a kind of side-track, I have implemented a poor man's cyrillification system to be able to represent bibliographic references in their original cyrillic font in stead of in the previously used transliterated latin font, but without the need to install cyrillic font drivers and without the need of special encoding schemes such as Koi-8 and/or others. This to make the fonts readable to users with default browser configurations. The system is designed to be compatible with Netscape's default proportional font 'Times (Adobe)' with size 12.0. The cyrillic font itself is a modified version of the MS-DOS VGA 8x16 'thin' font of the USSR russification package made by Artem Podstreskny. This font is not yet completly proportional, so it still needs some improvement.
On screen, in Netscape 3 with default fonts, the result is quite acceptable. However, printed, it looks awfull... due to improper alignment of the characters... that I consider to be a browser bug : the Times font of the screen and the Times font of the printer seems to be different. In other words, I leave it that way :-) The improper alignment could be rectified by a postscript postprocessor. Any volunteers to make one?
Note that this implementation is just a first approach and it still can use some improvements.
Added the taxa of the publications : + New checklist search facility: With the current state of the art search engine technology, the web indexing robots of most popular search engines, such as Alta Vista, Infoseek or HotBot, cause load problems on the large web sites while indexing. Therefore, the search engines do not index large sites, such as Geocities, any more. :-(
I have provided now for a 'local' navigation alternative that is independant of the search engines capabilities. This search facility allows visitors to search the complete checklist for any taxon or authority using a keyword entry. The search results are presented as a selection list of hyperlinks to the to the keyword related parts of the checklist. This list serves as a quick navigation aid to locate the (sub)families that contain the searched taxon or authority.
+ A new approach to display images of Collembola in pop-up windows is gradualy being introduced from now on. As a kind of test the Poduridae checklist has been provided with this new feature. The collembola icons work as toggle switches : when selected, the image pops up, when selected again the image disappears. Currently, only one image can be popped up at thesame time. Images of Collembola are reproduced from Collembola pictures by kind permission of Dr Gordon J.L. Ramel.
Added the taxa of the publications :
Added the taxa of the publications :
Added the taxa of the publications :
Added the taxa and/or corrections of the publications and/or communications:
  • Added the new taxa and/or corrections of the publications and/or communications:
    • on new Collembola references of 1997 by Hopkin (1997.11.26);
    • on new Collembola references of 1996 by Hopkin (1997.11.26);
    • on new Collembola references of 1995 by Hopkin (1997.12.03);
    • on the check list of the Nearctic Collembola by Poole (1997), families Isotomidae, Mackenziellidae and Neelidae;
    • on marine littoral Collembola from North and Central America by Christiansen & Bellinger (1988),
    • on Pseudosinella from Mexico and Guatemala by Christiansen (1973),
    • on cave Collembola from Iowa by Christiansen (1961),
    • on cave Pseudosinella from the United States by Christiansen (1960),
    • on Nearctic cave Sinella by Christiansen (1960),
    • on Isotomidae from Lebanon and Western Syria by Christiansen (1958),
    • on Cyphoderidae and Oncopoduridae from Lebanon and Western Syria by Christiansen (1957),
    • on Onychiuridae from Lebanon and Western Syria by Christiansen (1956), reprints kindly sent to me by Dr Christiansen;
    • on Brachystomella from Australia by Greenslade & Najt (1987 - pages 447-453 missing),
    • on Australotomurus from Australia by Mari Mutt & Greenslade (1985),
    • on Entomobrya rubra by Greenslade (1984),
    • on Odontellidae from Australia by Greenslade & Deharveng (1984),
    • on Spinothecinae from Australia by Greenslade (1982),
    • on a revision of Corynephoria by Greenslade (1977), reprints kindly sent to me by Dr Penelope Greenslade.
    • on a key of the families of the Collembola from the British Isles by Gough (1979), reprint kindly sent to me by Wim Jacobs;
  • To improve the navigation through the checklist and to avoid the unnecesary download of synonyms, synonyms and valid taxa will be listed into separate HTML files. The valid taxa lists will be directly accessible by means of hyperlink navigation while the synonym lists will only be accessible through the site search form. This modularisation will be gradualy introduced starting with the largest lists first.
  • To improve the consistent orthography of the authority references of the taxa, the authorities are being derived from the bibliography whenever possible. As an added value, page references are added to the authority references, also in the synonym lists.
    Added the new taxa and/or corrections of the publications and/or communications:
    • on Neotropical Collembola by Mari Mutt & Bellinger (1997.12.11);
    • on a new Hymenaphorura from North Korea by Weiner & Szeptycki (1997), reprint kindly sent to me by Mark Lodewijckx;
    • on the check list of the Nearctic Collembola by Poole (1997), families Onychiuridae, Poduridae and Sminthuridae;
    • on a generic revision of Onychiurinae by Weiner (1996),
    • on European Cassagnaudiella and Bourletiellidae by Nayrolles (1995), reprints kindly sent to me by Wim Jacobs;
    • on American Troglopedetes by Palacios-Vargas, Ojeda & Christiansen (1985), reprint kindly sent to me by Dr Palacios-Vargas;
    • on euedaphic Collembola from Rumania by Gruia (1977), publication kindly sent to me by Peter De Batist;
    • on Collembola from Germany by Hüther (1971);
    • on the subspecies concept in Entomobryoides guthriei by Christiansen (1958), reprint kindly sent to me by Dr Christiansen;
    • on Anurida maritima by Imms (1906);
    • on Collembola from California by Schött (1891).
  • As a new navigation service, in the synonym lists, hyperlinks to on-line available publications are being provided. To access the on-line publication, just click on the authority name in stead of the taxon name.
  • In another approach to modularise the checklist and to avoid the unnecesary download of unrequired parts of the list, some large lists are further split into lists per tribe. As a first trial, the subfamily Neanurinae is split into its tribes.