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Checklist of the Collembola: Generic names of the Tomoceridae

Peter F. Bellinger (), Department of Biology, California State University, Northridge, CA 91330, USA
Kenneth A. Christiansen, Department of Biology, Grinnell College, PO Box V3, Grinnell, IA 50112-0806, USA

Invalid names in brackets. Valid junior synonyms in parentheses.

This list of generic names, the assignment of status, and the associated key are tentative. Comments and corrections are solicited.

Family Tomoceridae

Antennacyrtus Salmon, 1941
Type species insolitus Salmon, 1941

Aphaenomurus Yoshii, 1956
Type species interpositus Yosii, 1956

Architomocerura - see Pogonognathellus

Eutomocerus - see Tomocerus

Lasofinius Ireson & Greenslade, 1990
Type species willi Ireson & Greenslade, 1990

Lepidophorella Schäffer, 1897
Type species flava Schäffer, 1897 Pseudolepidophorella may also belong here.

Lethemurus Yosii, 1970
Type species Tomocerus (Tritomurus) missus Mills, 1949

[Maynardia] - see Pogonognathellus

Millsia Womersley, 1942
Type species tiegsi Womersley, 1942 The original description is based on a juvenile, possibly of a Lepidophorella species. It is possible that adults will show scales and be thus indistinguishable from Lepidophorella.

Monodontocerus Yosii, 1955
Type species modificatus Yosii, 1955

[Monolamellus Lee
- Type species Tomocerus (Monolamellus) laxalamella Lee nomen nudum]

Neocerus - see Novacerus

Neophorella Womersley, 1934
Type species dubia Womersley, 1934

Novacerus Salmon, 1942
Type species Neocerus spinosus Salmon, 1941
[Neocerus Salmon, 1941, nec Wasmann, 1893
- Type species spinosus Salmon, 1941]

Palpiger - see Tomocerus

Paratomocerus - see Tomocerus

Plutomurus Yosii, 1956
Type species Tritomurus riugadoensis Yosii, 1939

Pogonognathus - see Tomocerus

Pogonognathellus Paclt, 1944
Type species Podura plumbea Linnaeus, 1758
[Pogonognathus Börner, 1908, nec Bleeker, 1849
- Type species Podura plumbea Linnaeus, 1758]
(Architomocerura Denis,1931
- Type species crassicauda Denis, 1931) Based on juvenile.
[Maynardia Yosii, 1956, nec Dall, 1894
- Type species Tomocerus (Pogonognathus) elongatus Maynard, 1951]

Pseudolepidophorella Salmon, 1943
Type species Lepidophorella longiterga Salmon, 1953 May not be separable from Lepidophorella from which is appears to differ only in the elongate mesonotum.

[Temnourus] - see Tomocerus

Tomocerina Yosii, 1955
Type species Tomocerus minutus Tullberg, 1876

Tomocerus Nicolet, 1842
Type species Macrotoma minor Lubbock, 1862, by Opinion 239
[Macrotoma Bourlet, 1839, nec Laporte, 1832 No type named]
[Temnourus Nicolet, 1841 nomen nudum]
(Palpiger Olfers, 1907
- Type species cucullatus Olfers, 1907)
[Eutomocerus Yosii, 1955
- Type species Macrotoma minor Lubbock, 1862]
(Paratomocerus Tarsia, 1938
- Type species pierantonii Tarsia, 1938) Based on juvenile.

Tomolonus Mills, 1949
Type species reductus Mills, 1949

Tritomurus Frauenfeld, 1854
Type species scutellatus Frauenfeld, 1854