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Checklist of the Collembola: Tomocerus minor (Lubbock, 1862): slide 1 of 8

Fig.1. Tomocerus minor. Habitus. Brocklehurst, K. © 1998.
Tomocerus minor (Lubbock, 1862), (Collembola: Tomoceridae) from a raspberry patch in Warwickshire, UK.
Body elongated with segments well separated. Abdominal segment 4 is shorter than segment 3. Adults grey/brown and 4.5 mm long, not including antennae. Skin smooth and not finely granulated at low magnification. Prothorax reduced without dorsal setae (hairs) overhung by thorax segment 2 tergum. Furca well developed - note that furca comprises a base (manubrium) and a pair of 'arms' (dens - plural dentes) with a claw (mucro) on the end of each dens.