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Checklist of the Collembola: Coenaletidae

Familia Coenaletidae Bellinger PF, 1985:117
  Syn.: Actaletoidea Caenaletidae(sic) Palacios-Vargas, JG, 1990:8 ISS
Coenaletes caribaeus
2006 © Palacios-Vargas, J.G.

Genus Coenaletes Bellinger, PF, 1985:118
  Syn.: Coenaletidae Coenoletes(sic) Greenslade, P et Whalley, PES in Dallai, R, 1986:320 ISS
Species caribaeus Bellinger, PF, 1985:119,
Coenaletes cf. caribeus ♂ from the Dominican Republic
With grasping antennae
After Mari Mutt JA, 1994 Fig.2

            Syn.: Coenaletes caribeaus(sic) Maldonado-Vargas, C et Palacios-Vargas, JG, 1999:60 ISS
Coenaletes caribeus ♂ from Mexico
With grasping antennae
After Palacios-Vargas JG & al, 2000 Fig.7

Species vangoethemi (Jacquemart, S, 1980:67) Bellinger, PF, 1985:118, t.t.
            Syn.: Coenaletes vangothemi(sic) Maldonado-Vargas, C et Palacios-Vargas, JG, 1999:57 ISS