- Last updated on 2014.05.12 by Frans Janssens
Checklist of the Collembola: Membership Information Sheet

This is an experimental form that can be used to join and/or contact the global community of Collembola researchers.
The form will only properly work if your local computer system is able to launch email messages initiated from within your current browser. In other words, make sure that your browser and email client are properly configured. If not properly configured, feel free to use the form as a template to send me a regular email message.

Do you want to announce your project(s), your field of expertise or your interest(s)?
Do you want to announce your recent publication(s)?
Do you want to discuss some topic?
Do you need some help?

Feel free to use this form to announce or update your project/expertise/interest and/or publications and/or topic for discussion/request for help.
Just introduce yourself to the global community of Collembola researchers and your introduction will be broadcasted among all members of the network.
Using this form implies requesting membership of the network.
Network membership acceptance implies joining a discussion list service. Membership is free of charge. As a member you will be informed about new projects and publications of other members and you will be able to join discussions.

You are most welcome.

Feel free to send your suggestions to improve this form to Frans Janssens.

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