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Checklist of the Collembola: Participants of International Colloquia and Seminars on Apterygota

History of the colloquia and seminars on Apterygota

1970. Second International Colloquium on the Collembola, Paris, France. September.
1973. Third International Colloquium on the Collembola, Jevany, Tchècoslovaquie. September. Participants.
1976. Fourth International Colloquium on Apterygota, Södertälje, Sweden. June.
1978. First International Seminar on Apterygota, Siena-Pontignano, Italy. September.
1979. Fifth International Colloquium on Apterygota, Cracovie, Poland. August-September.
1982. Sixth International Colloquium on Apterygota, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium. August.
1986. Second International Seminar on Apterygota, Universita di Siena, Siena-Pontignano II, Italy. September.
1988. Seventh International Colloquium on Apterygota, Bangalore, India. .
1989. Third International Seminar on Apterygota, Siena-Pontignano III, Italy. August 21-26.
1992. Eigth International Colloquium on Apterygota, Helsinki, Finland. .
1994. Fourth International Seminar on Apterygota, Bialowieza, Poland. September.
1996. Nineth International Colloquium on Apterygota, Dublin, Ireland. .
1998. Fifth International Seminar on Apterygota, Córdoba, Spain. September.
2000. Tenth International Colloquium on Apterygota, Ceské Budejovice, Czechia. August. Participants.
2002. Sixth International Seminar on Apterygota, Siena-Pontignano IV, Italy. September 13-17. Participants.
2003. International Conference on invited specialists on Taxonomy and Ecology on Palaearctic Collembola, Görlitz, Germany. May.
2004. Eleventh International Colloquium on Apterygota, Rouen, France. September. Participants.
Seventh International Seminar on Apterygota, Island of Texel, the Netherlands. August 27-30. Participants.
XIIth International Colloquium on Apterygota, Curitiba, Brazil. September 1-3.
2010. Eigth International Seminar on Apterygota, Certosa di Pontignano, Siena, Italy. September 12-16.
2014. Nineth International Seminar on Apterygota, Görlitz, Germany.
2016. XIVth International Colloquium on Apterygota, Nara, Japan. August 24-26. Participants.
2019. Tenth International Seminar on Apterygota, Paris, France. June 17-21. Participants.
2021. XVth International Colloquium on Apterygota, Bolzano, Italy. August.
XVIIIth International Colloquium on Soil Zoology, Bolzano, Italy. August.

The history is not complete. Any additional info is welcome.


Fig.0. Participants of the Third International Colloquium on the Collembola - 1973
Potapov, M. © 2014.
Fig.1. Participants of the Sixth International Colloquium on Apterygota - 1982
Palacios-Vargas, J.G. © 1982.

Fig.2. Participants of the Tenth International Colloquium on Apterygota - 2000
Palacios-Vargas, J.G. © 2000.

Fig.3 Participants of the Sixth International Seminar on Apterygota - 2002
Palacios-Vargas, J.G. © 2002.
1. Luzheng Xue
2. Jean-Marie Betsch
3. José Carlos Simón Benito
4. Mikhail Potapov
5. Francesco Frati
6. Miguel Gaju
8. Pietro Paolo Fanciulli
9. Romano Dallai
10. ?
11. Nico M. van Straalen
12. Christian Kampichler
13. Matty P. Berg
14. Erhard Christian
15. Jean-Marc Thibaud
16. Arturo H. Ariño
17. Cyrille D'Haese
18. Louis Deharveng
19. Rafael Jordana
20. Gloria Innocenti
21. Rosalia Mendes
22. Maria A. Sabatini
23. Maria Manuela Da Gama
24. Wen-Ying Yin
25. Ipsa Bandyopadhyaya
26. Carmen Bach de Roca
27. Edite Jucevica
28. Enrique Baquero
29. Niels P. Kristensen
30. David Porco
31. Anne Bedos
32. ?
33. Ulrich Burkhardt
34. Meir Broza
35. Wolfram Dunger
36. Maria Sterzyñska
37. Geoffroy Framptom
38. Andrzej Szeptycki
39. Galina Busmachiu
40. Antonio Carapelli
41. José G. Palacios Vargas
42. Martijn Timmermans
43. Luis. F. Mendes
44. Rafael Molero
45. Fabiola Giusti
46. Hans-Jürgen Schutz
47. David Mercati
48. Ilaria Negri
49. David J. Russell
50. Barbara Soldati
51. Celine Pernin
52. P. Lupetti
53. ?
54. Angélique Renaud
55. Francesco Nardi
56. Emiliano Dell’Ampio
57. Quiao-Yung Yue
58. Giacomo Spisanti
59. Penelope Greenslade
60. ?
61. Ursula Zettel
62. Emanuela Elia
63. Juerg Zettel
64. David Espantaleon
65. Celia Arroyo
66. Yun-Xia Luan
67. Branka Bruvo-Madaric
68. Josef Rusek

Fig.4 Participants of the Eleventh International Colloquium on Apterygota - 2004
Simón, J.C. © 2004.

Fig.5. Some participants of the Seventh International Seminar on Apterygota - 2006
José G. Palacios-Vargas © 2006.
Click on the photograph to see another.
More pictures © Thomas Tully of participants of the Seventh International Seminar on Apterygota can be found here.

Search for Anurida at the Seventh International Seminar on Apterygota
11 September, 2006
Fig.6 Participants of the Seventh International Seminar on Apterygota
From August 27 to 30 Matty Berg, Kees van Gestel and Nico van Straalen organized the VIIth Apterygota seminar. This meeting is one of a series running over nearly three decades now. It is a meeting place for taxonomists, ecologists and evolutionary biologists who share their latest research on wingless hexapods (Protura, Diplura, Collembola, Microcoryphia and Zygentoma). The meeting was hosted by the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) on the island of Texel, and the PR staff of this institute took active part in the organization. One of the programme items was a field excursion into the mud slacks and dune ecosystems of the island. While most of the days had been cloudy and rainy, the excursion took place under a clear sky. When the company approached the sea-side hundreds of Anurida maritima were exposing themselves on the boulders and in the flood-mark. This springtail is one of the few truly salt-adapted hexapods. Later in the dunes many Podura aquatica were seen floating on freshwater pools. So the seminar not only staged the latest scientific presentations on Apterygota but also offered the opportunity to collect some of the typically Dutch Collembola from the wild.

Fig.7. Participants of the XIVth International Colloquium on Apterygota - 2016
Palacios-Vargas, J.G. © 2016.
Fig.8. Participants of the Tenth International Seminar on Apterygota - 2019
Palacios-Vargas, J.G. © 2019.


Thanks to Drs José Palacios-Vargas, Mikhail Potapov, José Carlos Simón and Thomas Tully for making available photographs of the participants. Thanks to Dr George Brown and Dr Charlene Janion-Scheepers for completing the history of the colloquia.