Mebes, H. 2005. New CD with pictures of Collembola from Germany, 2005.04.18

New CD with pictures of Collembola from Germany and updated species names available

Within the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (, I have produced a CD with 584 Collembola pictures of 123 Collembola genera and 156 species. These are all genera of the Collembolan Fauna from Germany except the genus Gisinea and more than one third of the species. The pictures are amended by an excel file on the collection data and 180 pictures of the original labels of the slides.

Another excel file provides the updated scientific names and systematic classification, literature data on the original descriptions, synonyms, habitats, and geographic distribution (under revision of A. Fjellberg and H.-J. Schulz).

The pictures can be seen at if you click "Evertebraten I" and "Datenabfrage" and enter for example " %schaefferi " for Hydroisotoma schaefferi. The "%" sign serves as wildcard. Part of the pictures may be downloaded as tiff-file, others are only provided as thumbnails. The CD maybe ordered for the price of 19 Euro plus mailing expenses for non commercial uses at The data on the GBIF homepage will be amended by the systematic data and data on the availability of the species at German museums later on.

Some examples of pictures:

Hydroisotoma schaefferi, eyepatch and post-antennal organ
Micrograph by Mebes, H. © (2005).

Bourletiella pruinosa, habitus lateral
Micrograph by Mebes, H. © (2005).