- Last updated on 2021.09.30 by Frans Janssens
Checklist of the Collembola: Key to the genera of Spinothecidae

This key is still under construction. Note that missing figures will be provided as soon as possible. Currently, the key is in the feasibility study phase to find out how to integrate in the checklist in a modular way a key that has been generated with DELTA.

Penelope Greenslade, South Australian Museum, Adelaide, S.A. 5000, Australia
José G. Palacios-Vargas, Laboratorio de Ecologia y Sistemática de Microartrópodos, Departamento de Biologia, Facultad de Ciensas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México D.F.
Frans Janssens, Department of Biology, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, B-2020, Belgium


The rationale for taxa used and not used as well as subtaxonomic classification for some taxa is to be provided.


Note that no distinction between subtaxa and taxa is made in the key.

1(0). Mucronal seta absent; neck organs narrow; neosminthuroid seta
        present; vertex with fine simple setae...................... 2
      Mucronal seta present; neck organs broad; neosminthuroid seta
        absent, a smooth outstanding unspecialised seta in this
        position; vertex with 3 + 3 spines............... Adelphoderia
2(1). Dens with 8 anterior setae; ocelli 3 + 3; fourth antennal
        segment divided into 9 subsegments................. Spinotheca
      Dens with 9 anterior setae; ocelli 0 + 0; fourth antennal
        segment divided into 8 subsegments........... Troglospinotheca