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Checklist of the Collembola: CONANRG Addenda and Errata

Kenneth A. Christiansen, Department of Biology, Grinnell College, PO Box V3, Grinnell, IA 50112-0806, USA
Peter F. Bellinger (), Department of Biology, California State University, Northridge, CA 91330, USA

To all people with copies of the revised (1998) edition of Collembola of North America. We have been making corrections to this work as we have reprinted new copies. Below is a listing of the corrections we have made. The corrections and the dates in which they were made are given below. If you ordered your copy before the date of the correction then these corrections should be made in your copy. The later you received your copy the fewer of these corrections you will find applicable. Where whole pages or sections have been replaced if you wish copies of the replacement please contact Stephanie Peterson at : and let her know the replacement pages you wish a copy of and your mailing address.

We have altered the method of making changes in this work available. We have recently made a number of significant changes and they are available on the WEB. When you open this you will find at the lower left a box labelled: Other Collembola resources. In this click on CONANRG additions and changes and you will get a list of these . Click on these individually and you will get the various additions and changes which can the be printed out ad added to substituted for the appropriate pages in CONANRG.
Further additions and changes will be made in this fashion.

Corrections June 1998

p.61 See separate sheet
p.130 Line 9 ........dens 3 -4.2 times as long as.........."
p.148 Line 8 omit - without types
p.264 See separate sheet
p.266 See separate sheet
p.398 after Morulina alia change Christainsen to Christiansen . Under Last figure insert 269
p.986 Add at borttom of page: There are two subgenera : Sinella s.s. and Sinella ( Coecobrya). The only characteristic which can readily separate them the presence of a bidentate mucro in the former and a falcate mucro in the latter.
p.1296 :line 27 add Only Bourletiella, Prorastriopes and Deuterosminthurus ....
p.1301 couplet 18) - Ends ...B. (B.) sp. C
p.1301 couplet 19) - Ends- ....B. ( Deuterosminthurus) sp. E
p.1302 couplet 240 - Ends .....B. ( Prorastriopes) sp. K

Sept. 16 1998 corrections

CONANGR2: Fig.369A ( should be 365A) does not show the median ventral projection. [ changed]
p.568 (in the isotomid key), couplet 19', Isotoma (Granisotoma) should be deleted.
p.694 couplet 5',"manubiral" should be "manubrial".
p.1435 Lasiotrichium: Change to: apically expanded and/or bent multilaterally ciliate macrochaetae = flexed setae.

Correction January 29, 1999

p.1236 Lines 18-19 change Fig. 907.3 to 907.1

Correction February 13, 1999

p.455 line 18 : Locality: Alaska Prbilof Is. ; California Los Angeles Co.

Corrections March 9, 1999

Table of contents II add ( in proper place )
Dagamaea --------------------------------------------------------------------------------613
p.616 L.14: "bur' should be but
p.639, third from last paragraph, next to last line: dimorphism), and no pleurochaetosis so that some species
p.771 l.9: "tridente" should be tridentate
p.875 l.3 "subegnus" should be subgenus.

Corrections May 26, 1999

p.1003 change L. 27 .left half of third thoracic through fifth abdominal segment after Chen & Christiansen 1997
p.1003 L. 29 .complex , after Chen & Christiansen 1997
p.1004 Substitute new page
p.1235 Couplet 21) change Fig906B to 906C 21') add at end ( Fig. 906B)
p.1249. Add at end of remarks: Specimens from caves in Monroe Co. IL. Have a shorter straighter female subanal appendage that those from Indiana.
p.19 l.19 "Oncopodurinae" should be Oncopoduridae
p."Tomocerinae" should be Tomoceridae
p.20 l.15 "Archistoma should be Archisotoma

Corrections June 1999

p.21 Fig.9D: "Proisotoma should be Isotoma
p.60 l.1 "irenae" should be ireneae
p.61 48) fjellbergi will run here; separate?
p.81 4th line from end: insert is after It
p.83 Remarks, next to last line: "(" before Mills
p.129 under Remarks, l.1, delete "with spitsbergensis, or". Lat
p.130 L.2 "Templiton" should be Templeton 2 lines, delete everything after "sensilis".
p.148 macrospinata said to be "indeterminable without types", but type location is listed as USNM
p.209 third line from end: underline balazuci
p.210 Delete third line (redundant)
p.213 l.2 delete (Denigastrura)
p.226 Under "not included" after neomexicana: "unrecognizable without types" should be = humicola?
p.264 both Pseudanurida and Rapoportella should be added to the table. Pseudanurida should be added to the text too, but I don't suppose that can be done now
p.266 after 12) delete "Rusekella"
p.268 after Morulina alia: "Christainasen" should be Christiansen
p.269 after 5': "Ffig." should be (Fig.
p.293 DELETE l.3 [Probrachystomella is a synonym of Brachystomella]
p.323 under Remarks, line 3 & 4: "corticolus" and "corticiolus" should be corticicolus
p.339 under Remarks, l.3: "smilar" should be similar
p.349 after 4) add Fjellberg, 1985 at end
p.350 ADD footnote after 11': A. (Protachorutes) bicolor, with furcula and tenaculum, will run here
p.354 Anurida species list, delete 6) frigida
p.374 l.2 delete everything after "1901"
p.383 l.8 "Protachorutes" should be in italics
p.411 footnote: "record" should be recorded
p.422 under Remarks, l.1: "Muscorum" should be muscorum
p.425 Under remarks, l.1: "N." should be Sensillanura
p.484 l.4 "magnius" should be magninus
p.521 after 18 "Neonaphrura" should be Neonaphorura
p.529 after 5') underline (Tullbergia)
p.568 after 19') Isotoma (Granisotoma0 should be in italics after 22') Granisotoma should be in italics footnote 3 "frequnrly" should be frequently
p.612 l.3 "Guthrie, 1903" should be MacGillivray, 1896
p.625 Not included, after minima, "Abolson" should be Absolon
p. after schaefferi: delete Isotomurus ( )
p.650 l.16 "Proisotma" should be Proisotoma
p.686 l.5 "constructa" should be constricta
p.696 after **23) decaxophthalma should be decaxiophthalma
p.705 Remarks, l.2: "excdpt" should be except
pp.746-757 Delete (Isotomurus) from all species names (only one subgenus recognized).
p.775 next to last line: "subequlis" should be subaequalis
p.824 l.7 delete "(type)" at end (Smith R. is type of nanseni)
p.854 l.8 delete delta (viridis var.) l.10 "packard" should be Packard
p.879 couplets 1, 3, and 4: in each case "Subfamily" shoud be Family, and the names should be Entomobryidae, Cyphoderidae, Paronellidae, Tomoceridae, Oncopoduridae
p.933 l.15 "Guthie's" should be Guthrie's
p.1003 No diagnosis for Coecobrya
p.1034 after pallidus, entry under basal dental tubercle should be -, not 2.0
p.1058 l.8 "vestigal" should be vestigial. l.9, " Whtether" should be Whether
p.1065 3rd paragraph, l.5:"Lipidocyrtus" should be Lepidocyrtus
p.1070 after 9) 'verpera" should be vespera
p.1070 replace with new page
p.1071 replace with new page
p.1076 l.2: add bona after Pseudosinella
p.1142 DELETE first line
p.1235 after **16) "lacunus" should be lacuna
p.1265 after 3 ) "Katianna" should be Katiannina
p.1296 last 2 lines after "Bourletiella" insert , Prorastriopes
p.1301 Entries at the ends of lines 18 nd 19 are not clear or erroneous
p.1302 after 25') "luridus" should be lurida
p.1304 last line "gibbonsi" should be gibbonsi
p.1307 delete line: B. coalingaensis = cingula Next line: "wa" should be was
p.1328 l.4 after (Snider), 1969 ADD n.comb.[underlined]
p.1367 figure caption, after E) "Dens" should be dens
p.1388 "species not included: "labelli" should be labellei
p.1397 last line "(Dicyrtoimina)" should be (Dicyrtomina); underline names
p.1404 last line: "californicus" should be californica
p.1431 after Entomobrya kirkbyae: ADD:

p. Ref.: Bull. so. Calif. Acad. Sci. 59: 40
Locality: Calico Mts., California

p. Probably a species of Salina
p.Protentomobrya walkeri Folsom, 1938 [the next 3 lines refer to this species]

Corrections April 4, 2000

p.322 Couplet 15: 15) Mandible with 2 apical teeth (Fig. 223.1 B)P. (Pseudoachorutes) orientalis
p.322 Couplet 15: 15') Mandible with 5 apical teeth (Fig. 223.1.C)P. (Pseudachorutes) subcarssoides
p.708 Line 8 .47 -.56 as long as dens.
p.990 Couplet 20: add (Fig, 733B)
p.990 Couplet 20: 20') Change Fig. to Fig. 733A.
p.1073 Line 3: 789.1 A &B
p.1073 Line 4: 789.1 c
p.1073 Line 5: present: 789.1 B
p.1073 Line 6: absent 789.1 A
p.1236 Line 18 907.1
p.1236 Line 19 907.1
p.1249 Line 29 Omit: Known only from Indiana.
p.888 Couplet 10') -------------------------------20
p.889 Couplet 17') --------------------------------18
p.891 Couplet 25') ---------------------------------28

Corrections April 13, 2000

p.1067 table XXXVI Line IX bona 1+13+3
p.1067 table XXXVI Line 23 see p# 1099-1100

Corrections May 6, 2000

Table of contents part 2 Add ( after Tullbergia) :
Subgenus Metaphorura .524
Subgenus Chaetophorura ..526
Subgenus Granuliphorura ..526
Subgenus Mesaphorura .526
Subgenus Multivesicula ..526
Subgenus Neonaphorura ..526
Subgenus Paratullbergia ..526
Subgenus Pongeiella 526

p.517 & 518 in table XX before species names: 5 ampla , 1 anops, 1 arctica, 3 baconae 1 bella , 7 callipygos , 3 clavata , 1 collis , 5 columbica , 1 duops , 8 falca , 3 hades , 5 harti , 6 howdeni , 3 iowensis , 4 knowltoni , 3 krausbaueri , 1 latens , 3 macrochaeta , 1 mala , 1 nulla , 2 obtusochaeta , 3 pacifica , 5 punctata , 3 ruseki , 3 silvicola , 3 simplex , 1 vancouverica , 3 yosiii
p.518 add at bottom of page:
We have revised the classification of Tullbergiinae in this version of the Manual (see p.526); to avoid confusion in references to earlier work we have treated the newly introduced names as subgenera. In the table above the number before the species represents the number of the subgenus, as noted below: 1) Chaetophorura, 2) Granuliphorura, 3) Mesaphorura, 4) Metaphorura, 5) Multivesicula, 6) Neonaphorura, 7) Paratullbergia, 8) Pongeiella.
P.519 Line 11 Tullbergia (Multivesicula ) punctata
p.519 Line 12 Tullbergia (Multivesicula) harti
p.519 Line 14 Tullbergia (Multivesicula ) dolomitica
P.520 Line 2 Tullbergia (Multivesicula ) columbica
p.520 Line 3 Tullbergia (Multivesicula ) ampla
p.520 Line 4 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) anops
p.520 Line 8 Tullbergia (Granuliphorura ) obtusochaeta
p.520 Line 11 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) baconae
p.520 Line 13 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) nulla
p.520 Line 14 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) duops
p.520 Line 19 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) simplex
p.520 Line 20 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) mala
P.521 Line 4 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) bella
p.521 Line 6 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) collis
p.521 Line 8 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) latens
p.521 Line 10 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) vancouverica
p.521 Line 11 Tullbergia (Neonaphorura ) howdeni
P.522 Line 2 Tullbergia (Paratullbergia ) callipygos
p.522 Line 8 Tullbergia (Pongeiella. ) falca
p.522 Line 12 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) silvicola
p.522 Line 14 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) clavata
p.522 Line 17 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) arctica
p.522 Line 19 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) hades
P.523 Line 6 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) iowensis
P.523 Line 8 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) ruseki
p.523 Line 10 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) yosiii
p.523 Line 15 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) krausbaueri
p.523 Line 17 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) baconae
P.524 Line 2 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) pacifica
p.524 Line 4 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) macrochaeta
p.524 Line 11 T ( C. ) arctica ..T. ( M.) simplex
P.526 Line 15 Delete present remainder page ( from Subgenus Tullbergia on ) substitute: In the first edition of this manual we placed all Tullbergiinae except for T. knowltoni and howdeni in Tullbergia s.str. However systematic work on the subfamily, especially by Rusek, has resulted in the erection of additional genera (here treated as subgenera) whose names are now in common use in the literature, and the subgenus Tullbergia has been restricted to extralimital species. We have assigned our species to the following subgenera, as noted in the key and text:
Chaetophorura Rusek, 1976. Type species: C. vancouverica Rusek, 1976.
Granuliphorura Rusek, 1976. Type species: G. obtusochaeta Rusek, 1976.
Mesaphorura B=F6rner, 1901. Type species: M. krausbaueri B=F6rner, 1901.
Multivesicula Rusek, 1982. Type species: M. columbica Rusek, 1982.
Pongeiella Rusek, 1991. Type species: Tullbergia (Tullbergia) falca Christiansen & Bellinger, 1980.

P.527 Line 1-3 Omit first sentence. Further study .some
populations in these subgenera .
p.527 Line 11 Tullbergia (Multivesicula ) ampla .
P.528 Line 1 Tullbergia (Multivesicula ) ampla
p.528 Line 14 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) anops
P.529 Line 11 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) anops
P.530 Line 1 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) baconae .
p.530 Line 25 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) baconae
P.531 Line 5 Tullbergia (Paratullbergia ) callipygos .
P.532 Line 3 Tullbergia (Paratullbergia ) callipygos
p.532 Line 14 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) clavata
P.533 Line 8 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) clavata
p.533 Line 19 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) collis .
P.534 Line 19 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) collis
P.535 Line 1 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) duops
p.535 Line 18 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) duops
P.536 Line 5 Tullbergia (Pongeiella. ) falca ..
P.537 Line 1 Tullbergia (Pongeiella. ) falca
P.537 Line 12 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) silvicola
P.538 Line 15 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) silvicola
P.539 Line 1 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) hades
p.539 Line 17 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) hades
P.540 Line 1 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) iowensis ..
P.541 Line 14 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) iowensis
P.542 Line 1 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) krausbaueri
p.542 Line 15 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) krausbaueri
P.543 Line 1 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) latens
P.544 Line 1 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) latens
p.544 Line 9 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) macrochaeta ..
P.545 Line 15 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) macrochaeta
P.546 Line 1 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) mala ..
P.547 Line 1 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) mala
P.548 Line 1 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) mala
p.548 Line 15 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) nulla ..
P.550 Line 1 Tullbergia (Granuliphorura ) obtusochaeta .
p.550 Line 16 Tullbergia (Granuliphorura ) obtusochaeta
P.551 Line 1 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) pacifica ..
p.552 Line 12 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) pacifica
P.553 Line 1 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) ruseki ..
p.553 Line 20 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) ruseki ..
P.554 Line 1 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) vancouverica .
P.555 Line 1 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) vancouverica
P.556 Line 1 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) yosiii .
p.556 Line 22 Tullbergia (Mesaphorura ) yosiii
P.558 Line 1 Tullbergia (Multivesicula ) columbica & Tullbergia (Multivesicula ) punctata
P.559 Line 1 Tullbergia (Multivesicula ) dolomitica
p.559 Line 2 Tullbergia (Multivesicula ) dolomitica
P.560 Line 1 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) bella
p.560 Line 2 Tullbergia (Chaetophorura ) bella
P.561 Line 1 Tullbergia (Multivesicula) harti
p.561 Line 2 Tullbergia (Multivesicula) harti .
P.1192 Line 13 such setae ..6 . 16 .870B) 7

Corrections July 24, 2000

P.1230 =- Table XlII
Sacer- subsegments of 4th antennal segment : add(6)
P.1233 Line 3 underline A. altus .

Corrections August 3, 2000

P.744 - 745 Changes in key omit couplet 2 change number to new couplet 12
12 ) Pigment in form of transverse bands ----------------------13
12') Pigment not in transverse bands----------------------------14
13) Hind tibiotarsus with 1 enlarged, outstanding, ciliate seta -------- sp. F
13') Hind tibiotarsus with 2 enlarged, outstanding, ciliate setae-----I. bimus
old couplet 13 becomes 14
except ---------------14 changes to ------sp. H

Corrections January 18, 2001

** 16) Female (Fig. 906 C)
*16') Female .. ( Fig. 906 B)
21) Female ( Fig. 906 C)
21') Female ..( Fig. 906 B)
*24) Female subanal appendage acuminate and serrate (Fig. 906B) ....A. whitesidei
**23') Female subanal appendage distally deeply serrate (Fig.906C) ... ..25
29) Female subanal appendages curved and acuminate (Fig. 906B) .. .....33
29') Female subanal appendages rodlike and blunt ( Fig. 906A) ... 30
**30) Female subanal appendage much enlarged apically A. amarus
30') Female subanal appendage not or slightly enlarged apically 31
**31) Seta E3 spine like ..32
**31')Seta E3 slender and acuminate .. A. lewisi
**32)Fore unguiculus not reaching level of apex of unguis (Fig. 907.1A) .A bimus
*32')Fore unguiculus reaching or surpassing apex of unguis(Fig.907.1B) ..A. pygmaeus
*33) Seta E3 spine like .. A. whitesidei
**33')Seta E3 slender and acuminate .. A. ater
P.1254 Line 5 This is the only known Nearctic surface species of Arrhopalites with more

Corrections September 1, 2001

P.362 Line 6 After Additional localities: Omit present data and substitute- All earlier records of Anurida maratima are suspect. A very superficially similar species (Anurida ashbyae) has been found in Florida and Bermuda. It is probable that it occurs in more northern localites as well . The Pacific record is almost certainly in error .
P.1067 Table XXXVI Headings of table: eyes* add footnote : * Eyes should be determined before clearing. Often after clearing eyespots are not visible and the cornea are difficult or impossible to see.

Corrections July 26, 2002

P.2-11 New species index Volume 1-4 from pages 2-11 add Vol. 1 Isabellae ( C.)-----------137 and to Volume 2 as Onychiurus ( Hymenaphorura) - alaskana , granulata, mystica, nearctica, ridibunda, sensitiva, superba, teretis. O. (Ameria) alinae and O.(Ameria) filiformis . All refer to page 443A species indices Vol. I & II for corrected version]
P.441 couplet 37') at end put*
P.442 Couplet 45) at end put **
Couplet 46') at end put ***
P.443A Add new page.

Corrections August 26, 2003

p.1-18 New species index Volume 1-4: PDF file, 24 KB.
p.443A. Replace page: Onychiuridae: PDF file, 8 KB.
p.1229. Replace page: Arrhopalites Introduction: PDF file, 4 KB.
p.1230A. Add new page: Table XLII supplement: PDF file, 8 KB.
p.1230B. Add new page: Table XLII-A supplement: PDF file, 12 KB.
p.1232-1236. Replace pages: Arrhopalites Key: PDF file, 500 KB.
p.1258A-1258N. Add new pages: Arrhopalites n. spp.: PDF file, 960 KB.

We have altered the method of making changes in this work available. We have recently made a number of significant changes and they are available on the WEB. When you open this you will find at the lower left a box labelled: Other Collembola resources. In this click on CONANRG additions and changes and you will get a list of these . Click on these individually and you will get the various additions and changes which can the be printed out ad added to substituted for the appropriate pages in CONANRG.
Further additions and changes will be made in this fashion.