- Last updated on 2003.02.15 by Frans Janssens
Checklist of the Collembola: Presentations

Please note that these presentations are still under construction...
The slideshow presentations are currently in an experimental phase. Any material (images and text) to compile slides and presentations is very welcome.


Educational on-line slideshow presentations intended to introduce the Collembola.


The presentations are organised as automatically sequenced slides. Slides are replaced every 25 seconds. It is possible to suspend and to resume the automatic sequencing of the slides by toggling the Timer button. It is also possible to manually navigate forwards one slide with the Next button or go to the last slide with the Last button and to navigate backwards one slide with the Previous button or go to the first slide using the First button in the slide sequence. With the Home button it is possible to return to this overview of existing presentations.

Available presentations

Currently the following slideshows are available:


We thank Dr Stephen Hopkin for giving permission to reuse the material provided at his home page. We thank Dr Ivan Vtorov for providing a large set of habitus illustrations of all kinds of representatives of Collembola. We thank Keith Brocklehurst for giving permission to reuse his images provided at the PMS website.