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Checklist of the Collembola: Actaletidae

Familia Actaletidae Börner, 1902, sensu Soto-Adames FN et al., 2008:506 key

Genus Number
of species
Genera with number of species
  Syn.: Symphypleona Actaletidæ(sic) Wahlgren, E, 1906:66 IOS
Actaletidae from Mexico
2002 © Palacios-Vargas, J.G.

Genus Actaletes Giard, 1889

Remark by ICZN. 2007:10: Placed on the Official List of Names in Zoology. Opinion 291.

Species neptuni Giard, 1889, n.c., t.t., B

            Syn.: Actaletes Neptuni(sic) Giard, 1889 IOS              Syn.: Actaletes Neptuni(sic) Willem, V, 1900:6,B ISS
             Syn.: Actaletes Neptuni(sic) Willem, V, 1901:474,B ISS

Genus Spinactaletes Soto-Adames, FN, 1988:174 key

  Syn.: Actaletidae Actalefts(sic) Bellinger, PF, 1985:122 ISS
  Syn.: Collembola Actaletes Giard, 1889 partim Soto-Adames, 1989

Spinactaletes from Mexico
2006 © Palacios-Vargas, J.G.
Spinactaletes from Mexico
Tibiotarsal spur
2006 © Palacios-Vargas, J.G.

  Syn.: Actaletidae Spinataletes(sic) Godeiro, NN, Palacios-Vargas, JG, Gao, Y et Bu, Y, 2022:756 ISS

Species sp. Soto-Adames, FN et Guillén, C, 2011:475

Species aebianus Soto-Adames, FN, 1988:178

Species bellingeri Soto-Adames, FN, 1988:177

Species boneti (Parisi, 1972) Soto-Adames, FN, 1988:176

            Syn.: Actaletes sp. Vázquez, M et Palacios-Vargas, JG, 1990:18

Species calcalectoris Soto-Adames, FN, 1988:175, t.t.

Species calcarius (Bellinger, PF, 1962:88) Soto-Adames, FN, 1988:179

Species campylorachis Soto-Adames, FN et Guillén, C, 2011:467

Species deltalus Soto-Adames, FN et Guillén, C, 2011:471

Species myoptesimus Soto-Adames, FN, 1988:175

Spinactaletes myoptesimus from Puerto Rico
After Soto-Adames, F.N., 1988 Fig.1.

Species nemyops (Soto-Adames, 1987) Soto-Adames, FN, 1988:179

Species venezuelensis (Najt & Rapoport, 1972) Soto-Adames, FN, 1988:180