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Checklist of the Collembola: Interaction between Aggregation- and Alarmpheromones

Wisselwerking tussen Aggregatie- en Alarmferomonen bij Springstaarten (Collembola)


Bieke Daneels, Dissertation University Ghent, Belgium, 2001


Note: This provisional HTML version of the thesis contains some mistakes for technical reasons (e.g. some drawings not included, problems with tables, etc). But presenting this version is considered much better than not making it available at all.
Page references in the table of contents are not valid for this web version of the dissertation.


  1. Doelstelling
  2. Inleiding
  3. Materiaal en methoden
  4. Resultaten en bespreking
  5. Discussie
  6. Samenvatting
  7. Referentielijst
  8. Bijlagen
  9. Inhoudstafel

Bieke Daneels